Hanks Anuku Expresses Joy Over Free SHS

Nigerian actor, Hanks Anuku, now a citizen of Ghana who publicly endorsed the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the 2016 election has been spotted at the launch of the free SHS policy on September 12, in Accra at the West Africa Senior High School.

Speaking exclusively to FNN reporter Akosua Amoah, he expressed his happiness and joy for this program and also wishes this goes a long way to help eradicate the literacy level in Africa.

He said, ‘it’s my pleasure to be part of this Free SHS project, and I don’t regret being in Ghana and supporting the NPP, because every child deserves to go to school and money shouldn’t be a reason a child won’t get this basic necessity.’’

When further asked about his advice to his fellow celebrities, Hanks quickly added that, ‘they all need to come together to help make this initiative stay because it will help the children who see them as their mentors learn freely and also tell others about the benefits they have derived from Free SHS.’

He further added, ‘I encourage all other celebrities to come on board to support the government to make this happen so that it won’t just be a burden on only the government, but it will be all of us our jobs so that it can leave a mark in the country and Africa as a whole, and also we need to help the children feel at ease and happy to tell others about Free SHS.’

Hanks finally advised all and sundry not to make this political but rather embrace this opportunity. Hanks Anuku is a Nigerian actor, he often stars as a villain in many Nollywood films. Some of his movies are Bitter

Honey (2005), The Captor (2006) Men on Hard Way (2007) Fools on the Run (2007) Desperate Ambition(2006) My Love, Wanted Alive.


Source: FNN

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