Ladies Should Not Wear Panties – Actress Baby Blanche

Ghanaian actress Baby Blanche of Socrate Safo’s ‘Hot Fork’ movie fame has launched a campaign to stop ladies from wearing panties.

She said the campaign which is themed ‘Operation Remove Your Panties’, is advising young ladies to refrain from wearing panties since they play a major role in the cause of infections – like Candida – in the female genital organ.

“The whole initiative is to help ladies free themselves from infections which most of them suffer as a result of wearing panties. I have practiced it and it has helped me. I also want to impart this same practice onto others.

“I can’t preach about going ‘pantieless’ and contradict myself by wearing them. I am not wearing Panties as I speak to you,” she told JOY NEWS.

According to her, though she hasn’t consulted any medical practitioner for advice, she’s confident her colleague ladies will gradually understand the intended meaning of her campaign based on her personal experience and also research from the internet.

When asked about how she intends to cope with the public backlash, Blanche said she’s fully aware of the controversy her campaign can generate, stressing that it took her a lot of courage to boldly put this campaign into action.

She said the Blanche Foundation has plans to take the campaign across the country and possibly to the world at large.


Source: Kasapafmonline

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