We Are Being Cheated – Rubber farmers

The Rubber Out growers and Agents Association (ROAA) has expressed displeasure about what it called “unfair trade” practices in the sector.

According to the Association, farmers are being cheated by the Ghana Rubber Estate Limited, (GREL), the only rubber buying company.

In a petition dubbed, “GREL! ROAA Fair Business Relationship Advocacy for Total Solution”, the rubber out growers said they were cheated in all fronts by GREL through wrongful pricing and sale of farming inputs in Euros.

They said the unfair trade practices have hinders farmers from realizing any good financial returns on their produce to feed their families.

“Farmers suspects that the 42/100 water content in the cup lump is not the real average and are calling for alternative scientific research”, the Association said.

The rubber out growers called for an alternative buyer apart from GREL, adding that there is the need for farmers to have a say in the market and pricing of their products.

The Association urged government to ensure that the rubber value chain followed a systemic and fair-trade order.

It called on GREL to fairly implement the tripartite agreement and price mechanism for sustainable and fair business, adding that certain cost components such as transport to factory, carriers, loading and offloading of cup lumps and other inputs like stimulant should be considered in the price mechanism.


Source: Cephas Larbi


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