Zimbabwe VP Denies Bleaching His Skin


Zimbabwe’s Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga has denied he uses skin whitening creams, reports News 24.

According to the Chronicle newspaper, he made the denial after being mocked on social media – with some cruel users dubbing him “Bleachy Chiwenga” and “General Ambi”.

He took the opportunity to set the record straight at his sister’s funeral, Zimbabwe’s Herald newspaper adds.

A video shows him explaining it was not a skin whitening cream, but an illness which caused the patches.

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“I had this skin sickness that affected my whole body from beneath my feet to my back and the journalists started saying I was using skin lightening creams, but that was not the case. I was sick,” he said.

He said treatment in South Africa failed to work – but herbs did.

“This is what had affected me, and had also affected my wife,” said Mr Chiwenga.

Source: BBC

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